How was Introspectively Styled created?  
My personal journey:  SELF-ISHQ = LOVE and it's all about the path to SELF LOVE which is not SELFISH. The journey to Introspectively Styled was sudden and nothing I had ever planned on doing. For several months at the end of 2020,I had this inner weight causing me to flash back on life events and starting seeing them differently. Scenarios would play in my head and clarity would arise. I could feel something in my soul was stirring. I was also feeling unfulfilled and wanted to find a purpose beyond my career and daily life. I would spend time alone and sit in silence putting my intentions out to the universe. One night, I awoke in the middle of the night with this one sentence playing in my mind "Change the Narrative". I couldn't get it out of my mind and like that Introspectively Styled was born.  This company is to build a new community of people of all ages or who wants to spread intentions and messages of fulfillment and self love - With a twist on words! A new way to incorporate culture and mindfulness. Can't wait for you all to join in on the journey and share your story too! When the Universe speaks to you ... listen ! 
Where did the name "Introspectively Styled" come from:  I have always been an "Over-Thinker" as a trait of being a Libra. I began to understand my over-thinking was just internal analyzing and reflection , which is completely OK!  When I was looking for names, truth be told , I started looking for synonyms for the word "Reflection" and instantly fell in love with the word Introspection. I wanted to make it obvious that the brand was apparel, so I added the word Style and hence Introspectively Styled was created. 
What is our Brand About: Simply to Promote self love and mindfulness with a twist on South Asian language and culture. Although the terms may be a mix of Hindi and English, this brand is for everyone. Language can unite us all, the meanings resonate with everyone the same way!
When you see someone walking down the street and see a statement they are wearing,  you read it and internalize it. Think of it as a conversation starter or a warm hug that someone may need. 
Specifically for the South Asian community, I did not see this representation that was for everyone to spread positivity and mindfulness.  Let us shift the narrative for people to understand themselves better and represent themselves - South Asian Style.


Your KISMAT awaits